Work with your Hands

I have a hobby that gets me off the computer and helps my brain exercise my creative muscles.  I challenge myself and how to create something with little or no money, and that's in tiny seashell crafts made with recycled tempered glass and old recycled jewelry.  But I am a girl.  

Get Creative with Canva

The other tool that a marketer should keep in their back pocket is this awesome online design website.  Once I started practicing designing with their different templates, I got hooked!  Now, I can't design nor live my marketer's lifestyle without it!

Know Your Color Wheel

This is probably one of the best-friends a Marketer can have, you need to know your colors and the color wheel.  When  you create ads with colorful pictures and fonts, you need to know which colors you can use to either highlight the picture, or draw attention to your tagline.  

Stimulate Your Creativity

You can stimulate and enhance your creativity in a variety of ways such as getting out of the office and going for a quick 5-10 minute walk.  Or you can get out of your city bubble and go hiking in the mountains or collect seashells on the beach...

a Recycling Mermaid

When it comes to creativity and creative marketing, you need to understand where to spend the most of your energy.  If you are a one-man show and are doing everything yourself, then you have to take shortcuts utilizing all the free resources out there especially if you are on a budget.  And the internet is stock-piled with great material just waiting for anyone to use it, FOR FREE!