Probably like every other American kid, I grew up watching Disney movies and was able to visit Disneyland when I was a teenager and then Disneyworld when I graduated from Navy Bootcamp. I thought they were really cool theme parks but never did I imagine having any desire to create my own Disney attraction. It’s pretty much an American ideal for every kid to go to Disneyland or Disneyworld at some point in their lives.

Then as I got older and more creative I found myself wanting to know more about the lives of great American icons and what actually inspired them to create these gigantic industries such as Walt Disney. Did you know that very recently a free course is online called, Imagineering in a Box?” (Check it out: I think this is a great creative challenge for any creative. I am currently taking this course on my own and I find that it is giving me great realistic points to think about when creating my own attraction, things I normally don’t think about when designing. So I am recommending this free Disney Imagineering course that is very user friendly an easy for any kid who wants to explore that option.

But before you take on this challenge I recommend to watch this special on the life of Walt Disney shown in the video below:

This biography of Walt Disney reveals his journey into Hollywood, his challenges, his triumphs, and most importantly how he was inspired to build his own theme park. There is always a purpose and a solid moment when creatives get inspired to create something. There is always a reason. With that being said, I was inspired to create a little boost based on the life of Walt Disney.

You can listen to that boost here, enjoy!