How to make life more exciting? Now that is the question. Is it me or would life seem rather dull and boring if we did not have entertainment? I think we all know the answer to that question. Even back in the gold old western days whole towns would shut down, gather, and watch the travelling theaters and circus venues. Later with the invention of the camera, town theaters were made possible. And now we absolutely can’t live without some form of entertainment. We fall in love with the stories and characters and seem to want to continue those stories with discovering what is going on in those actor’s real lives. Are they just like you and me? Do they have flaws? Do they have problems? Are they actually real?

Well they answer to all that is yes! The people behind all that Hollywood hoopla is real people who have real lives, it’s not a real surprise.

So enter the latest online blogging project so cleverly titled, “The Daily Dog Chow.” It was created by a dog trainer who absolutely loves the world of entertainment, recycling what we use to love in music, picking out and highlighting current stories, and adding a bit of humor.

Yes, let’s just have a laugh, be happy about life, and be thankful our world has evolved to actually enjoy it, create stories about it, and then get to watch it from the comfort of our onw homes.