Before I got braces in grade school, I had to bear the burden of a crooked smile. It wasn’t long before a couple of boys started making fun of me, calling me by the nickname “Bucky.” Then that name spread to another group of boys, and then to the girls. It took a couple of years before I could get braces because we did not have dental insurance. But as soon as I got my face full of metal I was beaming like the sun! Later when I studied English Literature in college, I was inspired to write my own stories and decided to take on my childhood nickname writing a children’s story which was actually about a beaver named, “Bucky.” It was a 1920’s swashbuckling adventure through the redwoods, down into Hollywood and then down the dark depths of the Hollywood underground. It was great to write through my main character, expressing many emotions and overcoming many obstacles while beating the odds. But what mattered the most of that story was not about Bucky’s crooked teeth, but rather, it was about his awesome mighty tail which dazzled human audiences into the wonders of animal acting and baseball.

Whenever life reflects our weaknesses, we have the ultimate power to turn up our strengths. And, whether people choose to take on a childhood nickname, or create one for their selves, the entertainment industry is filled with examples of animal names enriching the images of actors, singers, and entire bands. Animal names enriches our unique fingerprints that nobody else can copy. And, while the internet is stockpiled with famous examples, I only chose a handful for this article.

So here are my top 5 favorite eclectic picks of popular entertainers whose names are associated with animals, and their amazing unique stories.

  • Numero uno of this most awesome list is Snoop Dog, of course! He busted on the pop scene with a mighty dog pack and his popularity is still barking up a storm to this day. Online sources say that he got his name from the cartoon Peanuts whom Snoop Dog use to watch as a kid back in the 70’s. He said that this favorite character was Snoopy and that his mom used to call him by the same name. Later he dropped the “y” from Snoopy and added “dog.” The name stuck with him when he started his rap career and has gone through some alterations since then. But all in all, his name is still at the top of our dog pack

  • Number two is Megan Fox and her name says it all. She was actually born with that name and received worldwide recognition for her breakout roles in Transformers (2007), Jennifer’s Body (2009), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) and its sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016). In Astrology circles, “a Fox symbolizes mischief, opportunity, playfulness, agility, cleverness, wisdom, beauty, luck, curiosity, charm and physical and mental responsiveness.” When it comes to Megan’s Hollywood career her “Fox” was in full gear. She was smart in her choices by staying away from the LA party scene, choosing to get married and becoming a mom of three. She put family first ahead of her acting career, so way to go, Megan!

  • Number three is Pitbull, the self-proclaimed Mr. Worldwide from Miami, Florida. Online sources quote Pitbull for picking that particular dog breed because they are outlawed in the county where he is from and that the breed represents tenacity, grit, and refusing to take “no” for answer. When they lock on they won’t let go especially in a fight. The man Pitbull has been quoted as always being in a constant fight towards being a successful international entertainer. And he has shown that he’s not stopping now.
  • My number four pick is the 90’s band “Hootie and the Blowfish.” For years fans have wondered who is “Hootie” and who is “the Blowfish” when finally the lead singer Darius Rucker revealed that the names don’t come from inside the band, but rather, was inspired by his nicknames for two college buddies, one wore huge round glasses that made him look like an owl, the other had big puffy cheeks that made him look like a blowfish. One night these two walked into a campus party where the band was playing, Rucker saw them and yelled, “Look, Hootie and the Blowfish.” Everyone laughed and the name stuck.

  • And now my number five pick is from the 1950’s, “The Beatles.” The buggy backstory on this name has many twists and turns, “During the first half of 1960, from officially deciding on the Beatles, the group morphed through ‘the Beetles,’ ‘the Silver Beetles,’ ‘the Beatals,’ ‘the Silver Beets,’ and ‘the Silver Beatles’ -in no particular order. John recalled once being introduced onstage as ‘Long John and the Silver Beetles.’ The ‘John invented the name Beatles’ version was accepted for decades, but two other explanations were to surface after his death in 1980.

Here is another eclectic bunch of names associated with animals I would like to mention with amazing back stories:
• Miss Leaving Las Vegas: Sheryl Crow
• Riverside, California Metal Band: Alien Ant Farm
• 80’s Heavy Metal Band: Ratt
• Evolved 90’s LA Burlesque Girl Group: The Pussycat Dolls
• Modern Trending Latin Crooner: Bad Bunny
• Classic Rock Band: The Eagles

But what if Snoop Dog didn’t have his name to start with? What if Megan Fox was Megan Brown? What if Pitbull started out as Mr. 405? Do you think their entertainment careers would have marched to the same drum beat? What do you think?

What kind of animal name would you have if you were in the entertainment industry? I would love to hear from you! Post your comments down below and let’s see what other people have to say.

By Niccole Rumans –

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