Why not?

It’s not only life saving for your brand, but it’s also a necessity for a diverse marketplace. Here is also something to consider. Let’s say your main industry is not doing so well at a certain point in time. That could either mean the death of your brand or a chance to innovate. However, it could also mean a chance to change direction in a new venture, like a new industry with a whole new market. We all like something new, right? But you don’t need me, a creative thinker, to tell you. Proof is in the market.

Let me share a classic example that I have seen out there in the market, the brand name: Harley Davidson. This brand started with motorcycles, then into other types of automobiles. This brand was so well loved that it now has a clothing line and riding apparel. After glancing over their main website (https://www.harley-davidson.com/us/en/index.html) this brand name has also ventured into a print magazine, and cute little novelty items such as garden gnomes. Garden gnomes?!?! Harley Davidson Garden Gnomes? Yup (and super cute too!) Harley Davidson is actually a global brand name and is well loved all over the world. But does this brand name have to stop there? Not really. As a creative thinker I see that this brand name could expand into the mini RV market, as well as building a business to business relationship with a theme park to create the “Ultimate Harley Ride Experience.” Why stop there? There’s also an entire gaming industry that this brand name can dive into.

Let’s take another big brand name like Boeing and see what a creative thinker can do. Typically, this international ginormous brand is all about building commercial planes, building mighty air machines for the military, and savvy technology for space. However, we hear in the media time and time again how this company lays off thousands of people almost every year. And it seems one of it’s mighty arms would only get stronger in times of war, then weakens when there is no war. But rather than bang the drums of war, my creative mind is working on how Boeing can expand it’s brand in other markets such as the Hospitality industry with a new and mighty hotel so cleverly named “The Boeing.” The forefront and cutting edge designers known as engineers, I know they can build numerous hotels all around the globe that would rival against the one pictured down below.

Also, what this country needs is new and innovative mini-pod home parks that completely transforms the old and run-down trailer parks. Why do those trailers have to be so long? After searching on the internet for innovative housing, I found this modular housing company located in Washington State: Greenpod (https://www.greenpoddevelopment.com/). The idea is for Boeing to engineer “The Boeing Park” creating affordable housing in the form of pods that can be transported to anyone of it’s communities.

But those two examples mentioned above are just a few compared to a wide range of brands crossing the globe, both nationally and internationally. As I have mentioned before, I am a creative thinker. And I know we can create anything. So here’s to our country’s economic health and well-being. Let’s go USA!