What does being kind have to relate to business and the world of advertising? They say it’s better to give then receive. But why? Doesn’t being greedy pay off and pay big? Well, if you want to be a miserable old miser ending up just like a grumpy scrooge then go right ahead, stick to nothing but yourself and see how happy with life you will really be. But that’s just it, if you aren’t paying anybody any kindness then you will pay with every ounce of your happiness until you have none. See how that works? Now apply that to your neck of the woods of the industry you’re in, tech, science, entertainment, retail, health, food and beverage. How does paying kindness to strangers pay off in the long run? It actually means everything to the health and longevity to your business. So maybe it’s just better to buckle down, pay a little kindness, and start feeling happy with the people and world around you. Sound good to you?

Here’s a short commentary podcast piece about “Paying it Forward.” Where ever did it go?

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