Welcome to the wonderful world of the Quantum x500 Mandroid, top of his class, a leader of many, and fit as a fiddle! But after working so many years as the Quantum X500 in Company 72251, this Mandroid started to experience certain malfunctions which greatly disturbed his inner operations. When the company manager would tell Mandroid what time he should attend the company’s meeting, Mandroid would forget and lose track of time. Next, when his manager gave him detailed instructions of how to organize the manufacturing production line, Mandroid wasn’t able to follow the instructions which caused the entire production line to go haywire. Then when the Company manager asked Mandroid to deliver a message to the maintenance department, this Quantum X500 took too much time to deliver it which caused even more serious malfunctions in the production lines. “Something is wrong,” thought X500, “…and I can’t figure out how to make things go right.”

Getting so fed up with the X500’s malfunctions, the company Manager gave Mandroid a business card so he could get help. It was for the “SUPER CEO Fitness & Empowerment Center – The Mind is a Powerful Thing to Re-Make” The Manager said that this was his last chance, to get back in shape or else he would lose his job.

Feeling lost with no hope, X500 goes to the center and meets his new fitness instructor, SUPER CEO, who has him complete an Executive Malfunction Self-Evaluation so SUPER CEO could prescribe the right program to whip Mandroid back into tip-top shape!

X500 was a little confused and wasn’t sure how to evaluate himself. But Super CEO said, “It’s standard troubleshooting procedure, but based on how you are operating right now, I think I have just the right program to get your inner operations back in-line. So let’s get started!” Super CEO was very enthusiastic going over the 5-step mental circuit work-out program with X500.

Soon after that Mandroid was growing with excitement as he started on the first step.
They went on a city adventure for step 1. They did some experimenting for step 2.

Then they went out and had great fun for step 3. Mandroid started to notice some improvements, feeling more alert and alive. But Super CEO said they were not done yet, only two more steps to go! They got out and observed nature for step 4. Then finally they did some work with their hands for step 5 and this is when Mandroid had his breakthrough moment: he realized that he could operate like new again and was ready to get back to work. Super CEO awarded him with a “Certificate of Empowered Completion!” and sent him on his way back to company 72251.

The X500 was back at work and in full force! He attended meetings on time and actually reminded every else what time they were. He was able to streamline the production line more efficiently which resulted in highest production numbers ever in history. And whenever his boss, the Company Manager, would ask him to deliver a message, he had a pen and paper ready to take notes and then delivered them right on the spot, not waiting.

But then after he delivered the message, he saw a little yellow flower outside the window and took some time to look at it, which gave him an idea to improve investor relations. Mandroid then created a proposal for his manager that would help them increase their revenue. The Manager was so impressed with X500’s work that he immediately gave X500 a promotion and upgraded him into the Super Quantum 5000!

In his new office, the Super Quantum 5000 attached his empowerment program list on the wall so he would never forget it: 1) Go on a city adventure. 2) Experiment. 3) Have fun. 4) Observe nature. 5) Work with your hands.

Regardless of your age, there is no cosmetic surgery for mental “flabbiness.” If you snooze on using your mind like you did back in school, then yes, you can lose it.

So you’re not getting any younger. SO WHAT?!? Age really is just a state of mind. Keeping your mind in tip top shape ensures that you are mentally agile for any problem that comes your way. So engage your brain with this mental exercise program, feel the sense of play, fun, and feeling carefree just like a kid.

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