What is a ‘”C-SWOT” analysis?  It’s basically the same as the S-W-O-T analysis but it’s applied to your company’s creative capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  There can be many things in the workplace that can prohibit and hinder creative thinking.  For example poor workplace conduct, lack of leadership and discipline, and personal negative viewpoints can hinder the business in terms of innovative thinking, the ability to make quick decisions and the ability to adapt and overcome a changing marketplace.  If your head is not in the right place then you will hit a brick wall, guaranteed.


The C-SWOT Analysis

The C-SWOT template pictured above is a handy tool that can give you a quick snapshot of any weak areas you might need to strengthen both internally and externally.  It’s about the company business overall.  But what can be applied to individual employees to ensure your work climate does not fall down into negative hands?

Take a look at this template:


Each individual employee is a contributing team member to the environment.  Moreover, employee behavior can change to meet optimal standards.  When personnel see the differences in behavior and what is best to achieve everyone’s happiness, they tend to strive for the best.  The template from above was adapted from the US Navy’s enlisted evaluation form.

Personal story here: When my Navy Superior meet with me one-on-one and discussed my behavior, both good and bad, pointing out the different traits and what I would need to do to excel and be promoted, I was enlightened and grateful because I had something in writing, and the standards were set for everyone, not just me.  So is there a reason why we have the best US Navy in the world?  YES!  It all has to do with the individual’s conduct and the ability to work as a team to accomplish the mission and to operate smoothly.  Nevermind the bad apples which seems to afflict every community.  What matters is that it’s a WORKABLE system that keeps diverse people together and staying afloat on a boat!  (and I mean huge boats, like giant cities at sea!)

Make sense?


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