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It’s pretty simple once you get this key idea to craft the story, and it’s all in the mission, the adventure, the reason you have the story in the first place.  So to craft your story ideas I suggest to break it down by the month and the holiday or season it is attached to.  For example, this summer season is packed full with things to do, going to a waterpark or theme park, family reunions, and back yard bbq’s.  Next, we create a story’s mission based on just that:  going to a waterpark, or going to a themepark, or going to a family reunion in anther state.  Then we add a little spice and wonder HOW will our story’s characters get there?  Good question.  Then for marketing you add your product or service.  Get the idea?

So here are over 50 story ideas for your marketing, based on what I discussed above:

  1.  New Year’s Celebration – Will we make it to the party?
  2.  How to decide on a resolution?
  3.  How many streets are named Martin Luther King?
  4.  How to get out of getting snowed in?
  5.  Flying south for the winter, but how?
  6.  February Find Love?
  7.  How love turns us into fools?
  8.  Love for single people and how to date?
  9.  Dogs and puppy love?
  10.  How a cat falls in love with a dog?
  11.  How the March hare turned mad?
  12.  How a Leprechaun finds his luck again.
  13.  The search for a four-leaf clover.
  14.  What if the world turned green to purple?
  15.  How to find that pot of gold other than the rainbow.
  16.  April Fool’s Day saved from the Joker
  17.  Easter Rabbits corporate takeover of April’s Fools Day
  18. An Earth Day mission with baby sea turtles
  19.  Mermaids among us?
  20.  How pixie’s make the flowers bloom for spring.
  21.  The mission to get mom a gift for Mother’s Day.
  22.  Mom the superhero saved our neighborhood.
  23.  Will we graduate high school this year?
  24.  Will we make it to the graduation ceremony on time?
  25.  Will mom or dad make it to our graduation?
  26.  How to get to the water park without mom or dad?
  27.  How to navigate the Disney theme park?
  28.  How to find the polar bears at the San Diego Zoo?
  29.  What if this Universal Studios tram ride was about something else?
  30.  How to turn the local neighborhood pool into a ninja water obstacle course. the-swimming-pool-2301549_1920
  31.  The mission to get fireworks.
  32.  Finding the next best young singer for the National Anthem
  33.  Who is the most patriotic?
  34.  Lessons learned from playing with fireworks.
  35.  How to be the best little flag twirler.
  36.  How to make friends at a new school.
  37.  How to battle against neighborhood bullies.
  38.  How to become a school ninja.
  39.  How not to fail a subject in school.
  40.  The dummy’s guide to football: What is it?
  41.  Labor Day pains – having a new baby?
  42.  How rednecks celebrate Labor Day.
  43.  How bikers play football?
  44.  Varsity Blues and more movie football parodies.
  45.  The challenges of employee of the month – Ultimate Ninja Style
  46.  The struggles of fining that perfect Halloween costume.
  47.  How kids paint their own faces…
  48.  How the best pumpkin carving won the contest
  49.  How to find out if that house is haunted or not?
  50.  Are there witches among us?
  51.  How diets go out the door.
  52.  How to turn your t-day family gathering into a comedy show.
  53.  How to have a puppet show for Thanksgiving.
  54.  Pot luck disaster stories.
  55.  How to get the family to re-enact the story of the Pilgrims…
  56.  How Christmas was saved by a drunk Uncle
  57.  How to navigate the madness of shopping malls.
  58.  Ice skating adventures in a new ice skating theme park.
  59.  How grandma survived and shot that reindeer.
  60.  What is Santa’s rating on Yelp?  or Tik Tok?  or YouTube? or Facebook?

Once you get in the vein of crafting these simple story-line missions, then write them all down and set them aside for future marketing campaigns.  When the time comes just pull out your list, choose from your customized list and go from there.  Sound good?

Let me know what you think and post in the comments down below.  Thank you!

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