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Laughter is definitely one of the best medicines out there that anyone can afford.  So in an effort to keep fighting against the pandemic inflicting our American society, I suggest to infuse comedy and humor into your marketing.

Back in 2017 I created a post, “Try Humor,” because it makes your advertising memorable.  So I am re-posting that information into this blog post too…

Making people laugh uplifts the mood, it opens the mind and therefore can open up their wallets.  It’s goes right up there with thinking outside the box.  Even something so stupid can be so stupid that it actually is funny.  Back in 2005/2006 Quizno’s Subs made these series of commercials with some insane gimmick-like creature that I have no idea what it is.  But guess what?  I still remember those commercials.  The creative marketing was so stupid that it actually is very funny.

The are more creative aspects to humor besides silly jokes or crazy action stunts.  But there is still a run-of-the-mill that would like to pull on emotional heart strings negatively rather than positively.

From Inc.com – Rarely do you hear people coming out of a business presentation saying: “That person was hysterical!” More often presenters attempt connection by tugging emotional heartstrings creating small trauma. In most film festivals, dramas outnumber, comedies by 20 to 1. Why? The great 18th century actor Edmund Kean answered us as he lay dying: “Death is easy, comedy is hard.”  Still, humor is a worthy aspiration, accomplishing tasks seldom achieved by serious approach.

  • Humor establishes rapport – Almost all people love to laugh. Non-offensive jokes can easily establish likeability and trust. A joke related to a difficult situation can disarm a prospect or client when delivering “tough medicine.”  Relationships are often built on experiences of shared humor. People do business with people they like, and if they smile and laugh every time you are near they associate you with happiness. Combined with knowledge, humor enhances expertise, demonstrating confidence and strength.

  • Humor triggers memorability – Many strive to create “AHA! moments” in customer’s minds.  This occurs when one is thinking one way and you turn their head to think another. Those are the very mechanics of a joke punch-line. In our example I suggest a Midwestern state and quickly turn it to a statement of finances. The unexpected wordplay registers in the brain as humor, which triggers endorphins that encode for memory. This is why a childhood joke exists in our repertoire decades after introduction.

  • Humor creates alignment – A joke is based upon shared experience. Humor works well when there is communal understanding of the issues at hand. By identifying a common problem and creating a punch-line around it, insiders will adopt the punch-line as a trigger representing the issue. So when no one remembers to turn off the lights when leaving, a giant light switch painted on the wall makes people laugh and remember their responsibility without embarrassment.

  • Read Full Article: https://www.inc.com/kevin-daum/the-case-for-humor-in-marketing.html

With that in mind, here is my attempt at humor with a fun character called “Memphis.”