Now’s the time to super-size your service and add some fun to your business.  With football season right around the corner, why not align your marketing with a little monster football trio?  This idea I got from as I was looking at all the great American imagineers crafting their own versions of dolls.  What could be the next best Cabbage-Patch Doll or Beenie-Baby?  Then these guys hit me:


These are handmade dolls made by Lisa Krivacka from Clarksville, TN.  See more on her shop on Etsy:

But it doesn’t have to stop there.  To add more fuel to your marketing fire, this is where you can create a mini-story, have fun with a little doll reality show in which your business or service is part of the story, take pictures, post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, then create some more!  Don’t like the NFL Monster Pack Trio Idea?  Then window shop on twitter, find ones that you do like made by our fellow country men and women, connect with the creator and make their story part of your own.  Let’s highlight our sense of American innovation and be proud of what we can create and manufacture in the USA.  Get the idea?

Here are my other top picks from Etsy:


Palmie Dolls made by Erika from Ohio.


Fairy Flowers made by Cindy in the USA.


Monster Dolls made by Yankie in Covina, CA

Then I suggest to turn your little mascots into free coloring pages that parents can download for their kids.

What are your thoughts?  Feel free to comment down below, thank you!

Niccole Rumans @creativeniccole

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