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Besides the Superbowl, the NFL Draft is another trend that gets big media attention this time of year, in mid-April.  So I was inspired to Google it to see what I could find.  The this article popped out at me:

2020 NFL draft: Biggest post-draft questions for all 32 teams

Why?  Because we have some terrifically-tough and fiery-fantastic questions being posed to top professional football teams, and I give credit to all the journalists who ask these tough questions.  It really enables teams to confront any weak areas that they might have.  With that being said, your business can also apply these same questions especially to your top employees depending on how many you have.  You are in a team playing the marketing field, right?

So let’s ask our company some of these tough NFL Post-Draft questions, but plug in your corporate team, top executive, manager, or employee:

  1. Have the Bills improved their offense enough to make them AFC contenders?

  2. What is the timeline for Tua Tagovailoa and his newly drafted offensive line to lead the Dolphins?

  3. Is Jarrett Stidham the answer as Tom Brady‘s replacement at QB?

  4. Did the front office give quarterback Sam Darnold enough weapons?

  5. Will quarterback Baker Mayfield take advantage of what Cleveland has accomplished?

  6. Are the Texans done making changes at safety?

  7. Is Jacob Eason the next franchise quarterback?

  8. Will Jadeveon Clowney be the next addition to the defense?

  9. In a draft geared toward mimicking the Chiefs, did the Raiders do enough to catch them?

  10. What’s next for the Cowboys’ pass rush?

(Click here to see full article and complete list of questions)

It’s a little marketing nudge that can ensure your business longevity.

– by Niccole Rumans


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