photographer-67127_1920What kind of focal point do you have for your marketing campaign besides your product or service?  Do you have a direction or storyline that takes your product or service through a journey?  True, you need to appeal to the emotional and pain points of your customer or client.  But what makes them stick to your advertising can anchor them into your product and not your competitors.  Does that make sense?

So let’s go through some advertising examples that reveal a focus point besides the actual product or service.

1. Marriott Hotels

In the Mariott advertisement from Youtube, the main product is the hotel and the main service is hospitality.  But the focal point seems to be on travel and the comforts of staying in a luxurious place away from home, with the clever opening line, “This is not a hotel…”

2. Ray’s Grill

In this restaurant advertisement the product is the restaurant and food for sure.  But in the opening we see a story unfolding, a young couple going out on a date, then scenes of families dining together, with an ending that has two friends enjoying a drink, other focal points that makes this restaurant appealing to many people.

3. AT&T Samsung Cell Phone

At first glance we see that Ozzy Osborne is the main focal point for the cell phone product.  We are also taken through a storyline of how Ozzy is having communication problems in which he needs his cell phone to communicate.  So through this advertisement we see that we are not directly sold on the cell phone but rather, what the cell phone can do for the customer.

Whether it’s print, online, or television, marketing and advertising uses other focal points with which to highlight the product or service.  It’s entertaining and memorable that engages the consumer’s mind towards curiosity.  This is also key in creating a marketing and advertising campaign strewn through multiple media forums.  Another key is to stay away from what everyone else is doing, create something original and differentiate your product or service from competitors.  And, you can do that with a diverse focal point.

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