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Think about why YouTube, Vimeo, and now Facebook Video has got to be the most popular forms of social media on the internet…it’s because people LOVE to watch things.  Without this LOVE to watch then the film industry nor the invention of cameras would have evolved into what they are today, especially the entire consumer and commercial industry.  Commercials in videos and everything else that goes with filming, is a necessity to any business.  This alerting system is primary for business marketing, and everything else comes secondary falling under a marketing umbrella.

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But don’t just take my word for it.  Here are a few references to help you understand why video marketing is most important:

Video content is the reason why we spend so much of our time online. Between Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and streaming services, we are watching billions of hours of video each day. It is why video marketing has become such a powerful force for companies.  https://foundationdigitalmedia.com/use-video-for-your-ecommerce-pages/