PicsArt_08-26-10.37.46.jpgThis is that special time of year in which most any business can market.  Why not utilize the back-to-school season like any other holiday?  You can also create tutorials and how-to’s then market those free materials that grab market attention.  All it takes is creative thinking and a willingness to learn something new.  How else can you bring another business into your marketing?  For example, a business-to-business sales plan to co-op for business to consumer marketing.

Why not challenge yourself and your marketing talents with something you have never thought of before?  That’s exactly what I did when it comes to a form of back to school marketing, but I incorporated modern ninja training and created a back to school program to help kids who maybe suffering from low self-esteem issues or may have a lack of confidence.  But the BIGGEST challenge (of course) is getting this type of online product into the hands of school kids.

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It’s still a work in progress so don’t think it’s the final product.  But as I’m finding out for myself, it’s a worthwhile marketing passion that I love producing.  So what I suggest to you is to find something you don’t mind marketing for free, then twist it into the next best holiday coming up, but make it worthwhile that really helps people so you get amazing karma brownie points!  Karma brownie points, what’s that?  Well, the more you give then the more you receive, like ideas and intelligence to help with your marketing for the big bucks.  Know what I mean?