It´s a Japan Thing


Happy New Year 2018!  Let´s get this party rollin…

So here I am looking for commercials to critically think about and search yonder on Youtube.  I could have gone with the Top 10 Super Bowl ads which are always a big hit.  But instead I chose to take a look at what another country had to offer.

So let´s take a look at the “Best Japanese Commercials 2017” posted on YouTube by JapanThing…

After watching about 8 minutes of commercials I noticed how the creators have a wonderful sense of humor, so no wonder these turned out to be some of the best commercials.  The second thing I noticed was the use of colors.  Then the third thing I noticed was applying that “what if?”  Such as, what if a dozen Pokeman ran amuck at a college?  What if the gold in the mysterious suitcase was a dozen light chickens?  What if a Muslim decked out in 70´s attire sold country fried chicken?  Oh how the zany seem to win our minds almost every time.

So I´m not so sure if this critical thinking chart would apply, unless I was in the creative mode beforehand.  And the commericals I way too short to think this deeply…


I think I may need an evaluation form, like on a scale from 1-10 sort of thing…

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