booklet-426781_960_720Do not get rid of the old fashioned marketing brochure or catalog just yet.  You can still create these marketing features then post them online for your potential customers to download.  Downloading these pdf materials is faster and easier for customers to forward to a friend. is an online digital media platform that almost every magazine company is using, and can also be utilized for sales catalogs, fashion lookbooks, cookbooks, and just about any other book or brochure you can think of.  Basic Plans are free (yeah!) but to get all the technical features then there are monthly plans available.

But what if you are a simple mom & pop operation?  No worries, all it takes is creative imagination,, then  You can get big brand name marketing with little to no-cost.  And that is what I did for a simple small town yacht broker selling used yachts who had no money for marketing.

You can check out the materials I created by visiting: