Are you seriously a morning person?  Because I am not.  I have to have atleast one cup of coffee first thing when I wake up or life sucks.  And unfortunately, I have never been a morning person.  So what does drinking coffee have to do with listening to happy music?  Well, when your mind receives those positive waves then it begins to wake up, essentially opening the doors for ideas to flow in.  Does that make sense?

Not only do I drink a cup of coffee I put on my stereo headphones and listen to positive affirmations.  It’s like giving myself a pep talk so I can accomplish my goals for the day, week, or month.  But I do it every morning so eventually my mind will work on auto-pilot.  Yes I am programming my mind like a robot.  But alteast I have control over myself.

So what I recommend is to try listening to positive vibes every morning FIRST thing when you wake up, and I mean LITERALLY as soon as you get out of bed.  Grab your headphones, pop open some positive vibes or affirmations, make your cup of coffee then chill for 30 minutes and just listen.  Then throughout your day when you need a boost listen to some positive music you have never heard on the radio.  You want to jolt your mind with something different so your ideas stay fresh and away from the norm.

Here are some suggestions:

Paul Santisi – I like Paul because he sounds like a really cool coach giving me a pep talk before having to go out and play a game.  Listen to the full track once but after that jump ahead 15 minutes when you listen to the track the next day.  You can download this track by visiting: http://paulsantisimeditations.com/MIND-BLOWING-3D-Guide-Meditation-1000s-of-I-AM-Affirmations-IAM3DMED.htm

For the office:

Bryn Madoc – This is my favorite track to listen to when I get to the office and check emails.  There is no one signing on the track that could potentially distract you, it’s just instrumental music.  You can download this track by visiting: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/brynmadoc4

Have fun experimenting, fellow robots!

Love Earth