Okay, so, your business has to make a video because it is the next best 2018 marketing trend…or was it for 2017…no wait, I thought it was for YouTube, but then now it’s Vimeo.  Wait, what year was that?  Okay, so now it looks like almost every year since YouTube and Vimeo was created, it’s video this or video that.  Great.  But how do you spark your imagination to create a video in the first place?  Ever experience “writer’s block” but now it’s “video block?” No worries, I got your covered.

Here are 5 easy and simple ways to spark your imagination so you can create that most-awesome-fantastic video:

1. Go on a city adventure.  

Don’t be afraid to get out of your bubble and try something new.  You don’t have to ride the bus nor the subway.  You can get out and hike around your closest city.  But pay attention the sites and not your cell phone.  Paying attention to your technology defeats the purpose of sparking your imagination with the sites around you.

2. Experiment. 

So you maybe bored doing the same thing that everyone else is doing.  It’s the trend and you’re basically following a trend instead of marketing for differentiality.  How to stand out from the marketing norm?  Experiment with different designs and layouts.  Try that fancy headline by using 5 different font styles, place them all side by side then have a team choose which one they think looks best.  Sometimes all it takes is a different font style in a different color…then WHAM!  Wow!  Check out that eye-popping headline!


3. Have fun.

Having an open mind actually electrifies your creativity, and one sure way of opening your mind to receive positive ideas is to go out and have some fun!  Go be a kid again and play with your imagination.  I would suggest going on an adventure that resembles what it is you are trying to market, stay in the general vein but don’t get to stuck and rigid on the exact niche.  Does that make sense?

4. Observe nature. 

You can combine this with going on an adventure, get out and go for a nature hike.  Mellow out with the trees and rest your back and mind on the bark.  Think: each leaf or branch is a creation from the main trunk and each one is different from the other.  Think about the variations in Nature and what it took for each species and organism to harmonize with the environment.  How do those flowers attract insects for pollination?  Remember, Mother Nature is THE BEST marketer.

5. Work with your hands. 

Take some time out and have fun with arts and crafts projects.  Engage your mind in the diversity of creating things.  In another post I mentioned, “…the more you engage your mind on cost effective hands-on creative projects, then the more you think in that same tone when you work on your creative online marketing projects.  See how that works?  You are also engaging your mind in problem-solving and goal setting/accomplishments.” (Read More: https://creativeniccole.wordpress.com/2017/08/28/work-with-your-hands/)

So in the spirit of creating videos, I created a video for you to watch.  Enjoy!