TurtleTreats (1)

Don’t be afraid of kids, whatever market you are in.  I’m sure you can creatively figure out how to come up with a story, attach a few black and white images, then have it available as a free download for parents to access.  Maybe you can exercise your graphic talent and draw some of your own toons?  Beware though because drawing graphics from scratch can be time consuming.  So if you don’t have the time then the internet is stockpiled with royalty free images.

I like to incorporate both my own graphics and free stock images.  Let’s face it, I really don’t have the time considering all the other marketing projects I have going, and I am really not a graphic artist.  I am a marketer so I am not afraid of taking shortcuts as long as I remember to credit the source or give attribution.

But I made these simple coloring pages with Powerpoint, a free and handy tool if you want to publish your own stuff.  This is a simple marketing tidbit but it can go a long way for the business that you are in.  Cheers!