This goes along the lines of, “Think outside the box.” Have you ever ventured around your city by way of another mode of transportation?  How would you get around if you had no car and no bicycle?  Think of this adventure as an urban back-packer-bus-butterfly.  It’s also a survival skill if ever you travel to another country or continent like Europe.

So, how well do you know your city or neighborhood?  How well do you know the landmarks and dark corners you should NOT venture into?  Do you know what to do if you get lost?  Have you ever tried getting lost and then tested yourself on finding your way back again?  Let’s think about that in terms of marketing…Have you ever gotten lost?  Have you ever ventured into new marketing territory?  How well would you do if your survival depended on it?

The essence of traversing the physical typography transmutes into learning a new skill for traversing your mental typography.  But, you have to get out there and be willing to rely on nothing but your gut instincts.  And, by training and sharpening your gut instincts then your mind becomes clear on how to market more effectively.  It’s like your bicep you are trying to build.  The plain arm curl is not going to effectively build your entire bicep muscle.  You have to exercise 5 different positions in order to tone and build your bicep.  Does that make sense?

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