I have a hobby that gets me off the computer and helps my brain exercise my creative muscles. I challenge myself and how to create something with little or no money, and that’s in tiny seashell crafts made with recycled tempered glass and old recycled jewelry. You can check out my work on https://recyclingmermaid.wordpress.com/

But I am a girl.

So what if you are a guy? Why not have some Play-dough handy and make a character? Or why not build a model plain or a model car? Another way to exercise your mind without the computer are the classic 5000-piece puzzles you need an entire dining room table to fit on.

What I seem to sense is that the more you engage your mind on cost effective hands-on creative projects, then the more you think in that same tone when you work on your creative online marketing projects. See how that works? You are also engaging your mind in problem-solving and goal setting/accomplishments.

So set yourself up to win in one area of your life so that you can boost your morale and confidence in the other areas of your life.