The other tool that a marketer should keep in their back pocket is this awesome online design website.  Once I started practicing designing with their different templates, I got hooked!  Now, I can’t design nor live my marketer’s lifestyle without it!  Most importantly, for marketers with little or no marketing budget, has numerous templates and icons for free!  Of course the more fancier you want to get then you may have to pay a simple $1 or two.  But other than that I highly recommend Canva.

You can also change the language of the site.  It’s very user friendly and you can download your projects in a few ways, such as a png image, a jpeg, pdf for high quality prints or pdf for regular use.

What I also recommend is to play and experiment online.  You can plug in your own pics and type your own words.  But you can also use one of their templates to begin with, then add more stuff or change the font style.

But if you want to actually print stuff out, then you may need to test in a variety of ways.  What I have noticed is that some font styles look good online but once you use that font in print it looks to thin to see.  So then you would need to change the font style and thickness for printing on paper.

Also, if you are not to sure about one layout, design another and also a third.  Give yourself a few choices to compare with then pick the best one.  Maybe ask a colleague which design is more eye pleasing?  Because another goal you want to keep in mind is “eye candy,” not just girl eye candy but color eye candy.  Make sense?

So get happy about experimenting with!