This is probably one of the best-friends a Marketer can have, you need to know your colors and the color wheel.  When  you create ads with colorful pictures and fonts, you need to know which colors you can use to either highlight the picture, or draw attention to your tagline.

Then, depending on the season and location of your business, as well as your brand colors, you also need to know how to create a certain mood with your potential clients.  Not everyone likes the basic black and white with red font colors.  So many marketers are using those three basic colors that soon all that marketing looks generic and it does not make the brand stand out from the rest.

As a marketer, you NEED to make the brand STAND OUT FROM THE REST!  You NEED to be unique.  And, your business NEEDS to be special.  That is where the money actually is, and it’s a basic business principal.

So let’s go back to Mother Nature and think about how flowers draw attention so they can be pollinated.  Same basic rule of thumb can be applied to your marketing drawing attention from potential clients, the sweeter you look the more bees come to thee.