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When it comes to creativity and creative marketing, you need to understand where to spend the most of your energy. If you are a one-man show and are doing everything yourself, then you have to take shortcuts utilizing all the free resources out there especially if you are on a budget. And the internet is stock-piled with great material just waiting for anyone to use it, FOR FREE!

But if you have people who help you then of course you have more money to spend depending on what your marketing. However, not everyone has that artistic eye and patience for creative design. So while some marketers design newspaper ads for the Daily Times, some marketers design major magazine spreads. There is a stark contrast between the two.

What I have found on the internet was because of other great marketers who shared their tools for creating impressive content, so it’s not a secret. But what is special and unique is HOW the information and/or product presentation is being displayed, the colors, the taglines, the product, the branding…getting that attention for people to look.

So, did I get you to look at my product? GOOD! That means I did a good job at being a marketer. Hooray!